CAD/CAM is a field of dentistry and orthodontics used to improve design and production of dental restorations. Appliances are in particular for dental crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays, implant-supported crowns and orthodontics.
CAD/CAM completes previous technologies to increase the speed of design and its creation. The comfort and simplicity of the processes are also improved, making restorations and other appliances possible that would otherwise have been unachievable. The use of an intra-oral camera eliminates the traditional impression paste which for many patients is an obstacle due to nausea reflexes.
Other objectives include the possibility of performing procedures in one session. This often means only one anesthesia and no temporary restorations are required. This reduces the strain on the dental organ and costs, especially since there are no intermediaries, while maintaining the same quality.

CAD-CAM Geneva